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Jul 15, 2018  

Some Emerging Answers For Deciding Upon Factors In

We are buying online | The Gisborne Herald

Gisborne Chamber of Commerce chief executive Terry Sheldrake said he had discussed online shopping with a number of retailers who said it was competition they could do without yet it was here to stay. Gisborne Mayor Meng Foon said the retail world was changing very quickly. “It is a difficult space for retail stores — but I have seen smart retailers who have a physical premise as well as an online store. They have invested in the online platform and are doing well,” Mr Foon said. Shops used their store for the storage and display for the public and when someone ordered on line, they took the product off the shelf and put it on the courier. Online shopping was easy and being 24/7 was another convenience. “Just click at your leisure and many offer free delivery.” Mr Foon personally prefers going into shops to buy. “I love to see my goods, and try on my shoes and shirts. You can’t beat that.” There was a need for balance in peoples’ lives — quality time versus time walking the aisles. “So embrace the new ideas, go to other busy stores around the country and see what they are doing.

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